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p r e s s   c l i p p i n g s

» A  C H A M B E R - M U S I C   P E A R L​ «


» A soothing interpretation - There are two of them making music on the stage of the sold-out baroque concert hall; but when one closes one's eyes, one hears only one source of music. Violin and piano merge into one single sound. «    (Mittelschwäbische Nachrichten)


» Violin soloist Heidi Schmid and Tatiana Chernichka enthrall the audience with extraordinary perfection and passionate music-making.  Famous sonatas were presented, and the experienced duo met their technical challenges with great pleasure - Heidi Schmid, for example, when she brilliantly molded extreme high notes on the E string with great security and a mischievous smile. «    (Augsburger Allgemeine) 


» Even the rain beating against the windowpanes and occasional thunder couldn't disturb the reverent atmosphere. The perfect interaction between violin and piano fascinated even those who had come out of pure curosity to a classical concert this evening. The listeners left the concert hall as if in a trance.  «    
(ILB Isar-Loisachbote) 


» Mozart's violin sonata in e minor, KV 304, which they played with an unusually expressive tone, was moving. The work sounded rigorous, flexible in the contrasts and agogically elaborated. The second movement was especially touching, a movement that begins earnestly and evolves dramatically, with a very sensitive middle section. At the same time, Mozart's two-movement violin sonata was again an example of the young musicians' perfect ensemble playing. «    (Süddeutsche Zeitung) 


» This playful, high-spirited work fits the two young musicians perfectly. Each time, the leitmotif was played energetically and as if for the first time. The two of them put across the Richard Strauss sonata convincingly as well, with their authentic and honest way of playing. Although the work's theme sounds a bit foreign in our day and age, Schmid and Chernichka were able to help the audience gain access. With their youthful and spontaneous approach, they delivered a contemporary interpretation of this snapshot from the year 1914.  In glittering dresses, a glittering performance was achieved. «     
(NaG Nachrichten aus Greifensee [Switzerland])


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