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D U O  S C H M I D - C H E R N I C H K A

"Heidi Schmid and Tatiana Chernichka persuade with personality, technical mastery, charm and natural stage presence. The duo's musical depth and mature interpretations make them an exceptional phenomenon."

(Legendary violinist, Ana Chumachenco)

The two musicians met in 2007 while studying at the Musikhochschule in Munich, and they soon began working closely together. In the course of the following years, the duo studied with such renowned professors as Ana Chumachenco, Friedemann Berger, Julia Fischer and Wen-Sinn Yang, as well as the Mandelring Quartet. 

Since their debut at the International Starnberg Festival in 2009, the Duo Schmid-Chernichka has appeared regularly at chamber music festivals and in concert series. Their active concert activity has taken the duo to numerous cities in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Russia and Switzerland. 

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